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2019 CALENDAR: All Events

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S 02/20/2019: HB Pool Area Lab Tour
D 02/26/2019: February GMM
with Lee Silber
C 02/28/2019: 2018-2019 First Robotics Season - OC Regional

C 03/21/2019: 2012-2019 First Robotics Season - LA Regional

April May June

C 04/13/2019: NMA Leadership Speech Contest
D 04/16/2019: GMM April


D 06/20/2019: June GMM
with Bill Cusato
S 06/28/2019: Angels Baseball Game

July August September

S 07/19/2019: Pageant of the Masters-The Time Machine
C 07/20/2019: BLASC Scholarship Contest 2019
C 07/20/2019: BLASC Scholarship Application 2019
S 07/23/2019: Dodgers Baseball Game

S 08/02/2019: Pageant of the Masters- The Time Machine
S 08/03/2019: Melon Farm Tour


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