Once upon a time — in 1938 — a small group of foremen joined forces to form the North American Aviation Foremen’s Club.

In 1943, the club (which consisted of only 86 members) secured a charter from the National Association of Foremen, now known as the National Management Association (NMA). The application fee for membership was a whopping $5.00 and dues were $1.50 per month. Times have really changed.

In 1967, North American Aviation became North American Rockwell Corporation. In 1973, the company became Rockwell International Corporation with its North American Aircraft Division located in Los Angeles. At that time the club was renamed the Los Angeles Chapter of the NMA with employees and members of the North American Aircraft Division (NAAD) in El Segundo. During the NAAD peak period in the mid-1980’s, membership soared to over 1,200. In 1994, NAAD had employees and chapter members located in El Segundo and Seal Beach.

In 1996, the NAAD relocated its El Segundo business to Seal Beach and the chapter was accordingly renamed the Seal Beach Chapter. In 1997, following the Boeing acquisition of the Space & Defense business of Rockwell International, the chapter was renamed the Boeing Seal Beach Chapter with over 650 active and over 700 lifetime members. In January 2000, following the relocation of Boeing’s Space Division from Downey to Huntington Beach, the Boeing Space Chapter merged with the Boeing Seal Beach Chapter with over 750 members located in Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, and Long Beach, CA. The chapter was then renamed the Boeing Beach Cities Chapter.

In January 1, 2002, the Huntington Beach Management Association (HBMA) combined with the Boeing Beach Cities Chapter to form the new Boeing Aerospace Leadership Chapter (BALC) with over 900 members in Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Long Beach and El Segundo. The HBMA, originally chartered at the Douglas Santa Monica facility, dates back to the early 1960s when the Missiles and Space Division (MSD) was relocated to Huntington Beach. The merger of these two proud organizations — with over 100 years of combined management association experience — makes BALC the largest Boeing chapter of the NMA.

On January 1, 2008, the Boeing Anaheim Leadership Association merged with BALC in anticipation of the closure of the Anaheim facility.

On January 1, 2014, the Boeing Long Beach Leadership Association (BLBLA) and the Boeing Aerospace Leadership Chapter of the NMA blended together into a single organiazation, the Boeing Leadership Association of Southern California (BLASC), with over 900 members.

BLASC and its predecessors have been recognized by NMA with 16 Outstanding, 20 Superior, and 32 Excellent awards throughout its existence. This chapter is very proud of its heritage as an NMA outstanding chapter and its effective partnership with Boeing.

In 2020, due to budgets constraints, BLASC decided to leave the NMA and continue to operate in the same outstanding, professional manner as before. There remains two Boeing chapters affiliated with NMA—one located in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, and the other in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Current Status

BLASC continues its endeavors on its commitment to personal and professional development. The focus has always been on the general membership dinner meetings that promote professionalism, education, and development training; scholarship programs (established in 1947); and numerous community involvement activities.


Members can be employees, retirees, customers, current suppliers, or members of the professional bargaining units of The Boeing Company and employees of Financial Partners and NuVision Credit Unions who meet the qualifications contained within the chapter bylaws. See the website link for “Bylaws”.

Costs and Benefits

The cost is $9.00 paid through bi-weekly payroll deductions which cover all dinner meetings (meals and speakers) and professional development seminars presented over lunch and after hours. Chapter members have the opportunity to attend special events, such as Broadway shows and sports activities, at discounted prices. Dues provide reduced-cost access to all associated BLASC offerings, including  a wide range of training courses. Members also have the opportunity to participate in numerous community and education projects including volunteer activities.  Members may also enter their child, stepchild, foster child, dependent or legal ward, or a linear/parental family member such as a grandchild or great-grandchild to participate in the annual scholarship awards.